“This person is someone I would want to have a drink with.”

I wanted that said right up front, because that is the most important piece of information you’ll need ahead of applying to the Arcadians. Why is that important? Because ultimately, *that* is our criteria for admittance into the guild. You nail that, you’re in like flynn.

Now, how do you convince us you’re that person? Three easy steps:

1. First, have a quick look at our Guild Charter and Rules over on the About Us page. Don’t worry – they’re not long. Just make sure we’re the right community for you, and you’re the right person for us.

2. Next, register on this website. (If you haven’t already). You should get a confirmation email when you do.

3. Lastly, fill out the application at the end of this post. But before that, a bit about the application itself.

A lot of people see an application, and say “screw this – I’m looking for a guild, not a job”. I hear ya. But there are two things right up front you need to understand about the Arcadians:

– We are VERY serious about the people we recruit. In fact, this is the most serious thing we do here. (In fact, it’s probably the only serious thing we do here.) Why? Because we take the quality of our community very seriously. Drama llamas, boring people, SUPR 1337 GAMERZ, and the like are not welcome among our ranks.

– The whole point of the app is to start a conversation between us and you. We learn if you’re a cool cat, and you learn if we’re worth your time. So filling in sparse or pointless answers doesn’t really help. If you write nothing, we assume you have nothing to say.

– Don’t get me wrong! WE WANT YOU HERE! But we want to know who you are first!

Pick Your Info
Now to the fun stuff!